When to Exercise for Quality Sleep

We all know that exercising regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that when you exercise can impact how you sleep?

Regardless of when you schedule your exercise regimen, incorporating a workout into your day has many health benefits: reduced stress, weight control, and disease prevention. There is no one optimum time to exercise, as a morning workout has different benefits then an afternoon workout. The National Sleep Foundation studied how exercising at different times can impact your sleep and discovered the following:

AM cardio may mean more deep sleep.

Strength training at any time of day may improve sleep.

Hard workouts might keep you up at night

Sleeping in can take a toll on your workout regimen (which takes a toll on your sleep).

While it’s recommended that you avoid an intense, strenuous, workout right before you turn in for the night, some yoga poses and gentle stretching can help you to relax and snooze the night away.

Click here to read the National Sleep Foundation’s full article on how exercise impacts sleep.

We’re almost at the end of Sleep Awareness Week and we’re hoping you’re feeling the benefits of a restful night of sleep. Check back tomorrow as we continue to Sleep Better, Feel Better.