Refill Supplies

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Reorder CPAP Supplies

Our CPAP supply portal allows registered users to view past orders and order eligible replacement supplies based on their insurance’s replacement policy.

Click here to view the recommended replacement schedule


Why register for the supply portal?

  • Receive email reminders when you are eligible for supplies

  • No upfront cost to receive supplies, you will be billed after your insurance process the claim

  • Verify or update insurance & shipping address during the checkout process

  • View supply order history

Existing SleepQuest Patients

If you haven’t registered for the supply portal, you can request an invitation.  Allow 24 hour to for us to process the request.

New SleepQuest Patients

If you have not received services from SleepQuest in the past, and you would like to be enrolled in our resupply program, please click on the button below to  begin the registration process.

Become a Supply Patient

Recommended supply replacement schedule

Supply Item Replacement Qty Replacement Frequency Maximum Qty Per Order
Mask Interface 1 Every 3 Months 1
Headgear 1 Every 3 Months 1
Full Face Mask Cushions 1 Every Month 3
Nasal Mask Cushions 2 Every Month 6
Nasal Mask Pillows 2 Every Month 6
CPAP Filters – Disposable 2 Every Month 6
CPAP Filters – Reusable 1 Every Month 1
CPAP Tubing 1 Every 3 Months 1
CPAP Water Tub 1 Every 6 Months 1
Chinstrap 1 Every 6 Months 1