CPAP Therapy

CPAP machines deliver a steady, carefully controlled stream of air through a mask to keep the patient’s throat from closing off, allowing for deeper, more restful sleep. Using a CPAP machine requires the patient to wear a small comfortable mask while the device gently blows air into the nose at a pressure slightly higher than the surrounding air pressure.

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Benefits of CPAP Therapy with SleepQuest

Benefits of CPAP Therapy with SleepQuest

  • All patients receive an Auto PAP that can be set to a fixed CPAP fixed pressure if prescribed by physician.
  • We carry the most advanced CPAP devices avaiable
  • Patient engagement tools available
  • 30 day mask guarantee
  • Covered by Insurance

A prescription from a licensed medical doctor is required for all services.

How would you like to pay?

We offer 2 ways to pay for your service with SleepQuest, insurance or pay online with a credit card.

If you choose to use your health insurance, we will need to obtain some additional information from you prior to providing the service.

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