CPAP Replacement Supplies

Replacing your CPAP mask & device parts on a regular basis helps maintain the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.  SleepQuest offers a robust CPAP replacement supplies service including automated reminders and an online patient portal empowering the patient to decide when they want to receive replacement supplies.

Recommended supply replacement schedule

Supply ItemReplacement QtyReplacement FrequencyMaximum Qty Per Order
Mask Interface1Every 3 Months1
Headgear1Every 3 Months1
Full Face Mask Cushions1Every Months3
Nasal Mask Cushions2Every Months6
Nasal mask Pillows2Every Months6
CPAP Filters - Disposable2Every Months6
CPAP Filters - Reusable1Every Months1
CPAP Tubing1Every 3 Months1
CPAP Water Tub1Every 6 Months1
Chinstrap1Every 6 Months1
Why Register for the supply portal SnapWorx?

Why Register for the supply portal SnapWorx?

  • Options to receive email, text, or phone reminders when you are eligible for supplies
  • Download the app to your phone to receive push notifications for reordering
  • Verify or update insurance and shipping address during the checkout process
  • View supply order history

Benefits of using SleepQuest as your CPAP supply replenishment service:

  • Automated reminder emails sent when you are eligible
  • Secure online patient portal
  • Order only when you are ready for CPAP replacement supplies
  • Sleep apnea mask replacement parts available
  • No upfront cost to order supplies
  • Covered by Insurance

A prescription from a licensed medical doctor is required for all services.

How would you like to pay?

We offer 2 ways to pay for your service with SleepQuest, insurance or pay online with a credit card.

If you choose to use your health insurance, we will need to obtain some additional information from you prior to providing the service.

Click here to learn more about using your insurance.