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For over 25 years, SleepQuest has built a strong reputation in the sleep apnea space. Our Sleep Care Specialists act as a personal coach for your members, to ensure success with therapy along with the many benefits of restorative sleep. We assist patients across the country, providing services in the comfort of their home.

Quality Sleep For Everyone is Our Dream

At SleepQuest, we dream of the day when sleep apnea receives the same attention as other deadly conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

A day when sleep apnea screening is part of the common physical – not an afterthought. A day when affordable, patient-centric, outcome-based treatment is the norm. A day when sleep issues no longer cost our country billions or help fuel deadly disease.

And we’re not just dreaming – we’re doing.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Building a
Better Approach

When Robert Koenigsberg founded SleepQuest two decades ago, diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea was disjointed, with no single source, low cost option to help patients stay compliant with their treatment. Mr. Koenigsberg – a sleep apnea sufferer himself – sought to create a more integrated and personalized home diagnostic and treatment process that focused on the well-being and comfort of the patient.
Working with respected experts, SleepQuest pioneered a unique system that utilizes home testing and treatment – and empowers primary care physicians to medically manage their patients with sleep apnea. Working with Dr. William Dement, Robert built SleepQuest to complement existing sleep laboratories to bring treatment and relief to more people.
Holistic Care

Our holistic approach to care – which includes ongoing coaching with patients, coordination with health care and insurance providers and compliance monitoring – ensures that patients get individualized treatment and achieve better health

Better Outcomes and Better Health

Our streamlined and comprehensive approach to sleep apnea care allows us to stay engaged with patients, increase compliance – and get better results. In fact, we have a treatment success rate of over 90 percent for our patients.

Private and Convenient

With at home testing, supplies delivered right to your door and ongoing telehealth consultations, the SleepQuest approach is based around our patients’ lives – not the other way around. No sleep labs, ongoing office visits or red tape. Just convenient, private and effective care.

Focus on Compliance

Compliance is crucial to successful sleep apnea treatment. Our board-certified team of sleep specialists engages with patients throughout the treatment process to increase compliance and improve outcomes. Our compliance rate of over 90 percent far outpaces the national average of less than 50 percent.

Consultative Approach

At SleepQuest, we take a consultative and holistic approach that yields better access, better treatment – and better results. Our sleep expert team monitors data and compliance and engages with patients throughout the entire care and treatment process.

The Sleep Health Experts

Over the last two decades, SleepQuest has built a reputation as the sleep health experts. Under the leadership of Dr. William Dement, our team of board-certified sleep doctors and care process specialists execute a streamlined and highly effective approach to sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.


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