Passion for Excellence, Compassion for People

At SleepQuest, we’re on the quest to help our patients receive the benefits of a good night’s sleep. We help patients power up so they can on the next day’s adventures with the energy they need. The SleepQuest approach is based around our patients’ lives – not the other way around. No sleep labs, office visits or red tape. Just convenient, private and effective care.

A prescription from a licensed medical doctor is required for all services.

Home Sleep Test

For people who want to find out definitively if they have Sleep Apnea.

CPAP Treatment

For people who have already been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

CPAP Replacement Supplies

Supply Replacement

For people already on CPAP Treatment who need replacement supplies.

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We Have the Experience

We Have the Experience

Why Patients Choose Us?

  • 25 Years of industry experience
  • 96% Patient Satisfaction
  • 91% Patient compliance (adherence to a recommended course of treatment)
  • 90 Net Promoter Score (a measurement of customer experience)

Superior Service & Support

Home Sleep Test

  • Non-Invasive wearable technology that ensures patient comfort and provides a 98% compliance success rate (WatchPAT)
  • Our virtual delivery model is available anywhere across the United States and ships directly to the patient’s home
  • Each study is verified, signed, and interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician and results are provided 5-7 days after the device is collected

CPAP Treatment

  • Our sleep coaches work with you from testing to therapy to ensure your success
  • Our coaches personalize your one-on-one mask fitting and CPAP set-up
  • We have a mask fitting algorithm and nearly 50 choices to help ensure patient comfort, compliance, and positive health outcomes

Ongoing Support

  • Our team of insurance and eligibility experts provide insurance authorization and verification with your in-network insurance provider
  • Our Patients are successful with 91% compliance compared to the national average of 49%
  • Our proactive Ongoing Care Team notifies patients of new sleep care products, resupply support and quarterly inform each patient of their eligibility for replacement supplies based on their insurance guidelines
Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Our Approach to PAP Therapy

  • In-network service provider, coordinating with health care providers and insurance companies
  • Individualized face-to-face setups (in person or via telehealth)
  • Proprietary Mask Algorithm, matching 85% of patients with the right mask, the first time. (30-day exchange policy)