Sleep Apnea the Silent Health Crisis

Sleep apnea – which affects more than 52 million Americans – can cause or complicate deadly conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea is imperative to individual and population health – and home-based diagnosis and treatment is vital for early detection. SleepQuest is revolutionizing sleep health care with easily accessible diagnosis, treatment and treatment compliance.

We make it easy

SleepQuest is a contracted provider with most major health insurance organizations, as well as numerous medical groups, managed care organizations, and national networks. Our sleep study report supplies primary care physicians with the exact information necessary to prescribe a successful treatment plan and secure insurance coverage for their patients. We also create specialized sleep care management programs for medical groups, employers and insurance companies to greatly reduce the costs of sleep care and ensure positive outcomes.

Download an editable prescription


In-home, self-administered testing makes diagnosis simple and comfortable for patients.


SleepQuest sleep studies cost only a fraction of traditional sleep lab testing and have a lower co-payment for patients.

Quick Turnaround

SleepQuest test results are ready in an average of three days – as opposed to 6-8 weeks for sleep lab testing – expediting treatment for better results.

High Compliance Rates

SleepQuest’s treatment compliance rate of 92% far outpaces the national average of less than 50%. We work with you to help you be successful with your therapy.