There is more to
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

than snoring, morning headaches
and daytime sleepiness

Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic condition that is potentially fatal if not diagnosed and treated early. Only 20% of Americans projected to be suffering from sleep apnea have been diagnosed.

Catching and treating sleep apnea can have the same positive outcomes for sufferers as early detection of cancer, CVD and other comorbid conditions.

The time to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea has never been more important. At SleepQuest, we make it easy and rewarding for providers to manage sleep cases.

"Obstructive sleep apnea may be one of the most overlooked causes of poor health in the country."

– Anahad O’Connor,
The New York Times,
August 2021


Introducing SleepQuest’s Enterprise Sleep Program:

A sleep care management platform built for primary care providers

Today’s healthcare services’ approach to screening, testing and treating sleep apnea is broken. The evidence is clear:

  • Only 20% of patients projected to have this chronic condition have been diagnosed, and only 51% of those having started CPAP therapy stay compliant. These metrics have not changed in decades, resulting in the development of serious comorbid conditions that are often fatal. It is time for change.

The Current Problem:
A lengthy and cumbersome care
path for patients

The patient has to navigate up to four different providers and their health insurance, enduring long wait times and hassles. No wonder only 20% are diagnosed and 51% are compliant. With patients grading providers with an average net promoter score of 38.

Introducing SleepQuest’s Enterprise Sleep Program:

The Solution:
A short and easy care path for patients

SleepQuest’s Enterprise Sleep Program is the answer. We have been working with sleep specialists and primary care providers for over 25 years. We work as an extension of their practice. ESP makes it easy for patients and providers alike. ESP allows the patient to only navigate their primary care provider and SleepQuest. ESP makes managing sleep apnea patients easy for primary care by doing all the heavy lifting, including navigating insurance. SleepQuest has a 91% compliance rate and a net promoter score of 92.

SleepQuest’s Enterprise Sleep Program (ESP) is an integrated care model that delivers a continuum of care that works for everyone. We want to help you help your patients. You can have confidence in SleepQuest and the ESP Program. SleepQuest works as an extension of your practice, adding quality services and support whenever and wherever needed.

Introducing SleepQuest’s Enterprise Sleep Program:

For physicians, SleepQuest ESP allows the clinician to focus on patient care with minimal additional work, and allows the practice to pick up reimbursements. Your patient has the option of in-person clinic visits or online visits through SleepQuest VirtualCare. Whichever option your patient chooses for accessing SleepQuest services, they and you can count on a dedicated team that holds itself accountable for providing personalized service and quality care. It’s easy with SleepQuest ESP.


The program is so easy that many MDs, PAs and NPs and their clinical staff utilize SleepQuest’s ESP to manage their OSA patients. ESP requires minimal work for providers because SleepQuest does all the heavy lifting with paperwork and coordination for insurance benefits and ongoing therapy coaching.

SQ Plarform

At SleepQuest, we don’t just talk about outstanding care.

We want to help you provide your patients with outstanding care. You can have confidence in SleepQuest and our ESP Program, as we act as an extension of your practice. We would enjoy the opportunity to support your practice’s and patients’ sleep care needs.

Contact SleepQuest today to set up a meeting or virtual visit with one of our representatives to learn more about SleepQuest’s Enterprise Sleep Program.


We are committed to providing the best care anywhere.

• We have been accredited by the Joint Commission since 2008.

• We have a 2020 Net Promoter Score of 92 and countless five-star ratings.

• Most importantly, we have a compliance rate of 91%.

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