Frequently Asked Questions

If you have or think you may have sleep apnea, you probably have a lot of questions. At SleepQuest, we have answers. Read our frequently asked questions to find answers on everything from diagnosis to treatment options and beyond.

General Sleep Apnea

Yes. Though sleep apnea is more common in men, about nine percent of women suffer from the condition. Obstructive sleep apnea can be found in thin women and the prevalance of OSA is the same in women and men after menopause. The best way to find out is by taking our assessment here.

Yes, OSA can interfere with sex drive and function. Both men and women often report a rejuventating effect of OSA treatment that includes improved sexual drive and function.

Headaches can have many causes and are a common symptom of untreated OSA. In addition people with headache syndromes such as migraines often report improvements after starting effective treatment. See if sleep apnea is the cause of your headaches by taking our questionnaire here.

Yes. While many people with sleep apnea are overweight, the condition occurs among people of all shapes and sizes. In fact, the majority of sleep apnea patients are not overweight. These people still suffer from the same symptoms of loud snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, high blood pressure, cardiovascular complications, morning headaches, memory problems, feelings of depression, acid reflux, nocturia and impotence.


No. You can be tested in the privacy and comfort of your own home with a portable easy-to-use diagnostic device – without having to spend the night at a sleep lab.

SleepQuest ships you an easy to use home sleep study kit. You test for 1-2 nights and ship it back using a return label that comes in the box. Once we receive the testing device back from you, our board certified sleep physicians will review the data and provide recommendations for treatment, if necessary. Results are usually ready within 5 to 7 business days for the ordering physician.

Our board certified sleep physicians will review the results of your diagnostic sleep study to determine if results indicate you are suffering from OSA. If OSA is indicated, they will provide the severity and recommendations for treatment. Both you and your doctor will receive the results of the sleep study. You should consult with your doctor to discuss the test results and determine the best course of action.

The testing kit normally ships within 1-2 business days and delivery time will depend on where the device is being sent. Results are normally ready within 5-7 business days for the ordering physician.

SleepQuest only offers home sleep tests within the United States.

Yes, as long as a DOT or FAA-mandated M.D. sends us the prescription we can perform the study. We also work with drivers whose companies may be interested in a program designed for their specific organization.

PAP Therapy

Most patients first notice that snoring is completely gone once CPAP therapy begins. With our modern CPAP devices, patients will see every morning how well they slept by seeing their lower AHI number on the machine. Overall, being on CPAP therapy not only helps our patients sleep better but also lowers their risks of heart attacks, strokes, cognitive decline and other possibly fatal conditions. If you’re on therapy and have any concerns, you can talk to one of our Sleep Care Specialists by contacting us here.

Yes, sometimes this can happen especially with older style masks. Fortunately there are many newer style masks that can allow for effective treatment without a need to change a person’s facial hair preferences. Our specialists will help find the best options to allow for succesful treatment.

No. Snoring should not occur while using the Auto PAP. If you do snore, your pressure level may need to be adjusted or you may need to be fitted with a new mask. Please contact your Sleep Care Specialist if that is the case.

SleepQuest uses a resupply portal called SNAP that will remind you about reordering your supplies when you are eligible. Contact the On-Going Care department at SleepQuest here and someone can provide you with more information.

Yes, SleepQuest has a VirtualCare Department where a Sleep Care Specialist can work with you remotely to arrange a Home Sleep Study or assist with PAP therapy and selection of your equipment. In addition to phone and email communications, our VirtualCare Department offers video visits, to offer support in a way that works best for you.

We also offer a virtual visit with a physician to assist with determining the best form of testing and therapy for your needs.


A ready supply of filters can be provided to allow you to change the filter whenever you like. In general filters should be replaced every month and the CPAP device has a optional setting to remind you to replace them. Most insurances cover disposable filters twice a month and washable filters once every six months.

Absolutely not. Your mask may be too tight or you could have the wrong mask size. Nasal pillows may provide a better fit. Our Sleep Care Specialists will be happy to help you find a comfortable solution.


If you are purchasing a PAP Machine, a PAP Humidifier, a PAP Mask, or other supplies you will need a copy of a prescription written by your doctor. Please contact us here to see what you need and if you need a prescription. If you need help obtaining a prescription, we can help you! To learn more, click here.

SleepQuest supplies every patient with an Auto PAP device.  If your doctor requests that the device be set to be a standard CPAP our specialists can set the device to a fixed pressure as requested.

An Auto PAP responds to the individual’s needs throughout the night, providing a range of different pressures that support the airway to keep it open. The device supplies only the required pressure necessary to keep the airway open. During non-REM sleep, the device remains at a lower pressure and adjusts pressure to a higher level as needed. When a patient is in REM sleep, sleep apnea is at its worst because the body has become atonic (lost tone) and there is nothing to support the airway. APAP adjusts automatically to the changing needs throughout the night for each patient.

The CPAP device gently blows normal room air at a fixed pressure through a tube which attaches to a small comfortable mask worn over the nose, or both the nose and mouth. The gentle flow of air is carefully measured to keep the airway opened and unobstructed. The airflow also prevents snoring, so sleep is quieter for both the patient and their partner. In general, a prescribed fixed pressure of over 10 cm H2O is less comfortable when using an Auto PAP because a patient using an Auto PAP spends roughly 80 percent of the night at lower pressures during non-REM sleep.

At SleepQuest we are committed to providing current state of the art/ top of the line therapeutic devices to all of our customers. As the technology has improved there is little need to use old fashioned fixed pressure PAP devices. Modern machines have the ability to dynamically adapt their pressure on a breath by breath basis to provide the highest efficacy at the lowest pressure possible within the parameters prescribed for you.

A BiPAP machine uses two pressure settings for sleep apnea therapy – one set when you inhale, and another for when you exhale. The inhale (inspiratory) pressure is always greater than the exhale (expiratory) pressure.

SleepQuest provides every patient with an Auto bi-level device that can be set if requested to fixed bi-level pressures.


Nearly every insurance plan covers sleep apnea services. Depending on your plan, you might have a deductible, or a company-funded Health Savings Account that you can pay out of. Even without insurance, an at-home sleep study is always cheaper than an in-lab test and the cost can often be broken up into a convenient payment plan using a credit card, a medical financing card, or even a monthly out-of-pocket payment.

Yes, SleepQuest offers a special discounted price for Kaiser Members. Contact us here for more information.

Don’t Let Poor Sleep Ruin Your Life

Don’t Let Poor Sleep
Ruin Your Life

Sleep apnea can take an enormous toll on your life, affecting your health, your work, your relationships and your overall mood. But it doesn’t have to. SleepQuest provides affordable and effective sleep apnea diagnosis, treatment and coaching to help you to regain your health and happiness.