SleepQuest’s Website Refresh!

If you’ve not checked out our website lately, take a look: Sleep Apnea Treatment | Sleep Care | SleepQuest We’ve made several changes to make the website lighter brighter and easier to navigate.

In our refreshed website, we have:

  • Optimized the site for mobile use
  • Made it easier to reorder supplies, pay bills and go to our webstore (via task bar buttons at the top of every page)
  • Streamlined the homepage with clearer statistics and data for our treatment approach
  • Integrated our theme (color & design) into both sites, while highlighting the differences between the two sites.

As always, our goal is to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Just log on to Sleep Apnea Treatment | Sleep Care | SleepQuest to see our refreshed website. You can learn more about sleep disorders and testing, order Pap supplies, pay bills, or request referrals. Can we help you today?