ResMed: How Supply Chain Issues Affect CPAP

Supply chain challenges have affected every industry -- including CPAP/sleep apnea companies. This video describes the problems one major supplier, ResMed, is facing. The recall of Philips CPAP devices has further complicated the situation, as this has created huge demand for CPAP products.

Electronic components like microchips in the semiconductor industry are at the heart of this problem. ResMed and other CPAP manufacturers are competing for these parts, along with cell phone, car and home appliance manufacturers. These huge industries have very high volumes, and all devices are cloud-connected, so they require microchips.

The video examines the microchip demand, shipping, and other factors that are affecting the current supply chain crisis. And it explains steps ResMed is taking to overcome these challenges. 

We suggest you take a few minutes for this video, to understand these factors affecting our industry. At SleepQuest, we are working closely with ResMed, Philips and other CPAP suppliers to ensure patients like you get the CPAP devices you need.