SleepQuest Names Chief Marketing Officer

SleepQuest names Chief Marketing Officer by adding industry expert that will continue to grow our strategy and expansion.

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SleepQuest, Inc. a leading national provider of comprehensive care management services for obstructive sleep apnea announced today that Chris Chan joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer on July 8th, 2019.

"We are excited about Chris joining our team," said Robert Koenigsberg, Founder and CEO of SleepQuest.  "He brings considerable experience with navigating the healthcare ecosystem and selling into health plans, employers, brokers and consultants.  For the last three years, our company has been able to achieve 30% annual growth and Chris will help amplify this further.  His work will be focused on helping us grow our national brand and scale our business. "

Chris Chan brings over 18 years of experience in healthcare leadership positions, most recently as the Lead Innovation Imagineer at Mercer's Innovation LABS.  As an executive leader with expertise in sales, marketing, startups and business strategy, Chris has worked with numerous healthcare organizations to build their product, understand their data, tailor unique customer experiences and scale their healthcare services for rapid growth.  At the same time, Chris has also worked with hundreds of employer clients on their healthcare strategy, staying on top of emerging trends, and helping them manage the health of their workforces.

Chris Chan

Chris Chan, CMO

"I'm excited by the universality of this space – everyone sleep's and the quality of your rest has a dramatic effect on productivity, safety, vitality, creativity and morbidity, with related impact to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health and other illnesses.  SleepQuest's patient centered approach and collaborative clinical model brings physicians, payers and medical suppliers together, resulting in high quality of care, lowered costs, high compliance rates and high patient satisfaction – delivering upon the goals of healthcare's triple aim," said Mr Chan.

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