How LectroFan May Help Your Sleep Apnea

For a sizeable number of people, a lack of sleep and daytime tiredness cannot be just put down to the pace of modern-day life. In the U.S. alone, 52 million people are at risk of a medical condition called sleep apnea.


Sleep apnea is a serious disorder — with obstructive sleep apnea the most common form, where the upper airways narrow and block when sleeping, leading to breathing difficulties. The brain reacts to the reduced blood oxygen levels by waking the body up for air. This can happen many times a night depending on the severity of an individual’s sleep apnea.

Treatment depends on the level of severity of an individual’s sleep apnea, but mild to moderate levels may be addressed with lifestyle changes. These can include weight loss as obesity is a major risk factor in developing the disorder.

Other treatments include oral appliances designed to keep the airways open as you sleep or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, where a steady flow of pressurised air is supplied through a mask worn while sleeping.

You may also be advised to assess your sleeping environment to ensure you have the best conditions in the bedroom to encourage sleep. This can be helped by innovative technology such as the LectroFan Micro product.

What Does the LectroFan Do?

The importance of your sleeping environment should not be underestimated in achieving consistently good sleep. Ensuring the bedroom is dark, the temperature is comfortable, removing TVs and tablets from the bedroom, and only going to bed when feeling tired — this is all very good advice.

A quiet, calming environment is also important, which can be difficult in urban settings.

This is when a sound machine such as the LectroFan Micro can help people sleep, using slight background noise to help them tune out of the creaks and groans many houses can make during the night. Some people also do not adjust well to a perfectly silent location and need sound to help them settle.

The LectroFan Micro is a compact sound machine which can fit in the palm of your hand, making it highly portable. The unit has eleven built-in sounds for you to choose from to help you sleep. These consist of five fan sounds, two ocean sounds and a mix of four white, pink and brown noises.

White noise is perhaps the one people are more familiar with, which combines noises of different frequencies which the ear recognises. Pink and brown noise are similar to white noise but with different underlying acoustic properties.

The LectroFan has a Bluetooth speaker to which you can connect your smartphone and stream audio. If you use Bluetooth to play sounds from your smartphone, volume buttons on the LectroFan device allow you to adjust the level as you see fit.

You do not need to worry about receiving a phone call while you are streaming audio this way as you just press the power button to answer the call. The LectroFan Micro comes with a built-in battery which can last up to 40 hours when playing sleep sounds and up to 20 hours when streaming audio.

The Benefits of the LectroFan for Sleep Apnea

The LectroFan Micro provides sounds which can mask external noises and help you sleep. Being so light and compact it not only requires little space in your home but it is easy to take with you when travelling.

Some people can find sleep particularly difficult in new environments, for example when going to a city setting when you are used to a quieter rural location, or even the reverse way round if you are used to the noise of the city and find quieter locations difficult to adjust to.

The LectroFan Micro requires minimal packing space, making it easy to take with you to help you travel.

Sufferers of sleep apnea need to persist with their treatment plan every single night to ensure they have the sleep the body needs and remove the symptoms of the disorder.

Treatment such as CPAP therapy ensures the airways remain clear each night by supplying a steady flow of pressurised air. This prevents the frequent interruptions to sleep the disorder causes.

However, the LectroFan Micro can help provide the right environment to aid getting to sleep and can work in tandem with therapies such as CPAP to reduce the severe impact of sleep apnea — and thereby reduce the risk of the serious health issues the sleep disorder can cause.

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