A Quiet Night’s Sleep with the LectroFan Classic

The LectroFan Classic is a sound machine which can be used to aid relaxation and encourage sleep. With ten different fan sounds and ten white noise sounds, the LectroFan Classic provides 20 noises which can promote a more peaceful environment in which to rest and sleep. 

This compact device takes up minimal space on a bedside table, making it highly portable when you travel. The easy to operate LectroFan Classic has a volume button which allows you to tailor the sounds to suit your personal preferences, while a timer can automatically turn the device off while you sleep.

Sleep is a critical restorative process for the body, aiding your physical health as well as boosting concentration and mood. With the LectroFan Classic sound machine, you have control over your sleeping environment, allowing you to have the background noise which promotes sleep. 

Getting consistent nights of good sleep is vital in preventing the increased risk of serious health issues which can arise from frequently interrupted sleep.

How LectroFan can help

Fan and white noise sounds can lull you to sleep by providing a constant low sound which minimises any fluctuations in noise levels and blocks out other external sounds which might disturb your sleep.

The LectroFan Classic comes with 10 fan sounds and 10 white sound noises, each one non-repeating. By pressing the fan button on the device, you can select your preferred setting which includes large fan, industrial fan, mellow fan, circular fan and oscillating fan. 

The sounds are collectively termed “white noise,” and vary in their frequency to mask background noise and aid sleep. These can be selected via the buttons on the LectroFan Classic and include pure white, brown, pink, chestnut and cream. 

The simple control panel provides easy access to all 20 digital noises and sounds.

Are you a light sleeper?

Changes in background noise can awake us because during sleep, the brain continues evaluating and processing sounds. Any noise changes, regardless of how loud they are, can therefore wake us up as the brain responds. 

Therefore, if you are a light sleeper or are finding it difficult to sleep through the night -- or have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea -- the LectroFan Classic can be beneficial. 

The fan or white noise sounds from the device can help regulate the background noise, masking any noise changes the brain may pick up upon and reducing the risk of your sleep being disturbed. 

Helps to cover CPAP sounds

With this device, sleep apnea sufferers can reduce the noise from the CPAP mask’s exhalation port -- as well as the low noise emitted from the CPAP device itself. Both can affect light sleepers, including a bed partner. 

LectroFan Classic can be used to provide a soothing, constant background noise to mask these noises.

The timer on the LectroFan Classic ensures the device will switch itself off after an hour -- at which point you will hopefully be fast asleep. Simply press the 60-minute timer button on the device. 

If you want the sound machine to stay on longer, just press the timer button to set the additional time.  

The timer button sits alongside the power, volume and noise buttons on the front of this small device. This compact design of the LectroFan Classic makes it very portable, taking up minimal luggage space when you go away, allowing you to continue to benefit from a good night of important restorative sleep when you travel.

You’ll drift away into a nice comfortable sleep, soothed by the sounds of LectroFan Classic. 

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