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Without a good night's sleep, a person's health can suffer. SleepQuest has been testing and successfully treating sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, for over 20 years. Our patient-centered and price-competitive approach allows you to do testing and treatment from the comfort of your own home.

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A: Sleep is critically important for good health. B: The treatment's changed my life, enormously. C: It's a really weird thing, to not have a well rested brain. And so, I realized that it saved my life. Cody: When you were diagnosed with Destructive Sleep Apnea, you are at 60 events, per hour. Your AHI was 60. Now in therapy, your AHI is two. Well, less than five's considered normal. You're doing great. Robert Koenigsberg: We're well known for getting people well. We've been doing this for 20 years. And what differentiates us from the competitors, is they usually only do one of the two things, diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Dement: Sleep rest is leading the way to, what I think, is the future evolution of sleep medicine, which will be to do these studies in the home, rather than in a laboratory. Larry: What's impressed me about SleepQuest is that they're a patient- centered organization. They're certainly priced competitive. And their compliance rates are, if not the best, certainly among the best in the entire industry. Dr. Dement: The goals that SleepQuest achieves, in terms of high compliance, are actually achieved a lower cost than regular sleep disorder clinics. And all of this is in the comfort of your own home. Robert: The importance of having this integrated model, as far as the two main goals of our healthcare system, right now, which is to lower cost, and to improve outcomes or people are actually getting well. The way we do that, is by doing the test in the patient's home, at one third the cost of going to a sleep center, where most people don't even want to go to. B: So, the quality of life's been an enormous change. And a lot of it is due to the fact that I'm able to get the equipment and supplies, that really meet my needs, in terms of treating my Apnea. A: So, treating Sleep Apnea is crucial and critical, for good health.


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