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Poker Champion Talks about the Benefits of Working with SleepQuest


Phil Hellmuth Jr., 13 times World Champion of Poker, talks about the benefits of sleep apnea therapy with SleepQuest. Well-rested patients are less susceptible to diabetes, heart disease and other weight-related health problems. For Phil, his diagnosis and treatment through SleepQuest has made "a huge difference when I'm sitting down to the poker table to play".

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I'm Phil Hellmuth Jr., 13 time World Champion of Poker, and I have sleep apnea pretty bad. It was really weird for me to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. All I knew is I was sleeping 12 hour nights all of the time. Every airplane I was on I would fall asleep on, everywhere. So I want in, my youngest son is getting the test and I didn't want him to go through it by himself, so I just went in for "what the heck?". The doctors are like "if you're there, he'll be fine." I was shocked, I'm the one with sleep apnea, he didn't have it. And so I'm like "OK, this makes a lot of sense." And one of the things that I just knew about sleep apnea and have learned since is that it's causal for diabetes, heart disease, all of these things, you just put on extra weight. It makes sense because your brain is shifted. You don't really know when you're hungry and not hungry because it's a really weird thing to not have a well-rested brain. And so I realized that it saved my life. I immediately started using a machine. Never missed a night in I think it's been 2,400 days, something like that. Obviously having sleep apnea diagnosed and treated, it's going to really help your probabilities. I've seen the math, I've seen the science, I've seen the studies, it's really going to make a huge difference as to whether or not you have diabetes or heart disease. And in my case it makes a huge difference when I'm sitting down to the poker table to play. SleepQuest has been amazing for me and it's just so nice to have someone that understands. You know? And to be able to go in and get the right stuff. And they mail me things, they mail me new masks, they mail me new tubes, they check the readouts of my machine, and I've found them to be absolutely great.


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