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Dr. Lawrence Cappel is the CEO of a mid-sized payor and a third party administrator providing a PPO network. He has been working with SleepQuest for 15 years and is impressed by their patient-oriented care, compliance rates and price competitiveness. SleepQuest responds quickly and efficiently to patient requests, and their at-home model allows for optimal patient results.

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My name is Dr. Lawrence Cappel, and I'm the CEO of Pacific Health Alliance. We are a mid-sized payor to third party administrator in PPO network here in North California. We've been using SleepQuest for about 15 years. We kind of got introduced to each other by chance, and what's impressed me about SleepQuest is that they're a patient-centered organization. They're certainly priced competitive. And their compliance rates are, if not the best, certainly among the best in the entire industry. When we have a patient who has a need for their services, it's a simple phone call. They take care of the rest. They set everything up with the patient. With other providers there generally tends to be a long drawn-out process while people are verifying eligibility. They're unsure of what types of tests that they're going to provide. There's usually a waiting list to get into their facilities. They're certainly much more expensive than SleepQuest is. So all-in-all when you look at it from the patient perspective, it is obviously the place to go. When you look at it from my perspective as a payor, I want to make sure that my patients have the best experience possible. For the last 15 years or so, SleepQuest has been able to deliver that. When I first got involved with Sleep Quest, I was more familiar with hospital sleep testing programs, some of the independent sleep labs that were out there, and I was quite intrigued by the home testing model even though it had not been approved by Medicare at that point. It was such a logical process that I knew it was going to be, not just a very good business model, but it was also going to provide excellent services in the most appropriate setting for the patient. A lot of people aren't aware that in a hospital setting, in a sleep lab setting, it's very difficult to get a natural night's sleep. In home care setting, that's what we do every night. That's probably one of the reasons why their compliance rate is so much higher than some of the other sites of care.


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