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Primary Care Physician


Dr. Sherna Madan has referred to SleepQuest for numerous years. SleepQuest allows patients to have the tests performed while they comfortably sleep at home. This makes it much easier for patients to have the sleep study, diagnosis and treatment they need.

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My name is Sherna Madan, I'm a Endocrinologist and Internist, practicing in San Carlos, California. And I have been referring to SleepQuest for approximately the last five years. Well, what's not well known is that sleep is critically important for good health. So, treating Sleep Apnea is crucial and critical for good health. SleepQuest allows patients to get the test done in their own beds, at home, sleeping quite comfortably. Whereas, when they go to a sleep lab, they would have to be hooked up with all kinds of electrodes, and sleep in a strange place. Many people say, "Well, I won't be able to sleep if I'm in this strange place, hooked up to machines." So, they're very reluctant to get a sleep study done. Whereas, when I tell them that they just have to pick up this device, put it on their wrist, and wear it through the night, they're very happy to do that. So, once we've made the diagnosis, the next important step is to get the patient started on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure treatment, CPAP, as we call it. And it's quite a production to find the right mask, to find the right levels of pressure, to apply against the airway. And it has to be done very well, because if it's uncomfortable, most patients won't stay with the treatment. They'll just stop using it.


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