Testimonial - Dr. Kin Yuen

Board Certified Sleep Physician


Dr. Kin Yuen talks about the patient-oriented care that SleepQuest provides. Having a cost-effective diagnostic tool, as SleepQuest provides, in today's healthcare industry is also important. SleepQuest's at-home diagnostic methods allow patients who cannot come into a sleep lab or prefer to be tested in their own home to get the treatment they need.

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SleepQuest differs from other providers, I think, is that first of all, they care. Coming from the healthcare medicine background for Robert who is the CEO, he knows a fair bit about how the industry works, and what's important is that we treat each patient individually and that they get specialized care. It's not one-size-fits-all. You could go to a lot of brick and mortar places and they can just fit you with one model and expect that things will work out, but that's not really the case. Individualized care is very important and so we try to coordinate things to facilitate treatment as expedient as possible for the patient, but also with courtesy, which very often is lacking in this industry. I think with the rising cost of healthcare, it's very important that the diagnostic tools is available for the patients and at a reasonable price point. For some of the patients, either if they're night owls or they work swing shifts, it's almost impossible to present to a sleep lab or a sleep clinic to get diagnosed. And so having a device that they can use at home to help diagnose what's going on in a speedy manner and get the diagnosis rapidly and then proceed to get treatment, I think that's key. I think part of the problem is that a lot of people are sleepy, they're tired, but they don't have time to go consult a physician necessarily. In the medical specialty of sleep medicine, obviously we would like to have patients come to visit us. However, if their lifestyles are such that either because they're looking for jobs because the economy is bad, or they want other ways of diagnosing their sleep disorders, this is a really valid and also a quick way to get that diagnosis and treat it quickly.


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