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Dr. William Dement is a professor at Stanford University's medical school and was instrumental in opening the first sleep laboratory in the world at Stanford. He is the Chief Scientific Advisor for SleepQuest, and is considered the father of modern sleep medicine. SleepQuest and Dr. Dement have been leading the evolution of sleep medicine, including advocating at-home studies, to make diagnosis and treatment patient-friendly.

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My name is Dr. William C. Dement and I'm currently a professor at Stanford University in the medical school. I'm a chief scientific adviser of SleepQuest, which specializes in home monitoring for sleep disorders, particularly the sleep apnea syndromes. I have been honored actually many times. I glanced at my curriculum vitae before I came here and there are frankly too many awards to remember, but the one I'm really quite proud of is a bachelor of science award that I received from Mt. Sinai Medical School, I think in 2006, as the leading expert in sleep. My goal is really that now, I think that we have all of the devices for diagnosis and treatment that are needed. They can be obviously improved, but that part is I think more or less finished. What I really am concerned about is the actual knowledge, the public awareness, particularly about the sleep apnea syndromes because they are potentially fatal. I think that because sleep disorders affect such a large proportion of the population it's really, really important to get into the educational system at every practical level. SleepQuest is leading the way to what I think is the future evolution of sleep medicine, which will be to do these studies in the home, rather than in a laboratory.


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