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Patient Testimonial About Sleep Apnea Device


A patient talks about the easy to use at-home test she took to diagnose her sleep apnea. She has since started using a CPAP device, which she says has changed her life. The therapy she has received from SleepQuest has reduced the frequency and severity of her migraines, which were debilitating before using CPAP.

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My name is Laura Olsen, and I am a patient at SleepQuest. I came to SleepQuest under the recommendation of my primary care physician. And was able to take the test to see if I needed a CPAP machine or if I had Sleep Apnea, by using the two night, stay at home chip process, which worked out really well. And I then was diagnosed with moderate Sleep Apnea. And it was recommended that I try it and see if it helped me. Using the CPAP machine has changed my life, in a couple of ways. The most significant one is that I used to have debilitating migraines. And I no longer have them. The Sleep Apnea machine has diminished the number of migraines that I get. And, in addition, if I start to get them, it'll be in the afternoon. I'm awake, I can catch it. And so, the severity overall, of migraines, has been significantly reduced. And it's a huge benefit to me.


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