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SleepQuest Can Help You: Sleep Apnea Patient Testimonial


A sleep apnea sufferer talks about how diagnosis and treatment by SleepQuest has helped to manage his sleep apnea and improve his overall health. In fact, he says, "the treatment's changed my life enormously." SleepQuest not only provided him with the right device, but provides ongoing support with refills of supplies and equipment.

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My name is Jeff Embersits, and I was first diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 2008. And when they first suggested I try a CPAP machine, I sort of laughed and said, "No thank you." But about two years later, in 2010, I absolutely hit a wall, and was not able to sleep at night. So, I went and had several more sleep studies. And the initial diagnosis was Obstructive Sleep Apnea, but subsequent studies showed that I actually had Central Sleep Apnea. After I was first diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and decided I absolutely had to go with the CPAP machine, I got a six page list of providers from my doctor. And going through it alphabetically, I came up with one or two names, tried them. And, frankly, it was just a nightmare between trying to get the insurance coverage clarified, selecting the right machine. Roughly, six months of frustration. I decided to switch to SleepQuest, and it's been a very, very positive experience. The treatment's changed my life, enormously. Some of the side effects of Sleep Apnea are cognitive effects, such as memory. You can get depression. As I like to tell people, there's a reason they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture. So, the quality of life's been an enormous change. And a lot of it is due to the fact that I'm able to get the equipment and supplies that really meet my needs, in terms of treating my Apnea. The thing that's really very helpful, is that they're preemptive, and they'll let you know when you need supplies. Because, frankly, I tend to use a hose or filter, longer than you should. So it's really a great reminder to get an e-mail or a message, saying that it's time to replace one of your pieces of equipment, whether it's a hose, filter, et cetera. The staff's been very knowledgeable, in knowing exactly what the insurance would cover, percentages, and they've, obviously, contacted the insurance company, directly, and taking care of things. So, there's no need for me to call the insurance company, and try to do it myself. Right now, after my third machine, and getting help from SleepQuest, my AHI went from 93 to less than one. And for a normal adult, the measurement for initial Apnea is five.


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