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SleepQuest offers a variety of sleep apnea therapies to meet your needs. CPAP is effective 100% of the time for patients who become accustomed to using the mask and device. We have a very high CPAP patient compliance rate due to SleepQuest's ability to find the right mask interface and device for their patients.

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Man #1: If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, the treatments differ based on the severity of your sleep apnea. CPAP - continuous positive airway pressure - works 100% of the time if you can get the patient to use it. And that's the real challenge in this industry and that's what we've perfected, is the ability for patients to use the device on a nightly basis. For a patient that has moderate to severe apnea, the recommended treatment is CPAP therapy. For a patient that has more mild disease, the patient can look at other options like oral appliances that would be supplied by a dentist. Man #2: CPAP does work and will work. We need to figure out what the right device is and what the right mask is going to be. Many people ask: what about surgery for severe sleep apnea? The only surgery that's proven to really work for severe sleep apnea is what's called "craniofacial advancement," and what they do is they essentially break the jaw and then move the mandible forward, kind of like an oral appliance or a dental appliance would do, and then they have to wire the jaw shut. It's a very expensive procedure and as you can imagine it's quite painful. And so choosing between that and a non-invasive approach, the CPAP, most people choose to go the CPAP route.


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