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Patient Experience with Ongoing Care


Patients often need ongoing care as part of their therapy for sleep apnea. SleepQuest has a specialized Ongoing Care department that reaches out to patients on a quarterly basis to review their treatment progress and needs. SleepQuest’s ongoing care helps ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your CPAP therapy.

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So, for patients for after care, we have a department that's called our Ongoing Care department, OGC. And what Ongoing Care does is they reach out to patients on a quarterly basis from the date that they were set up. Check in with the patient, see how they're doing. If everything if going good, they ask them if they need supplies, and they let them know what the patient is eligible for at that time. After we set a patient up with their equipment, we do a 48-hour follow-up phone call to check in with the patient, see how their therapy is going so far. Well before they leave the appointment, we schedule a 30 day follow-up. And of patients, when we see them come back after 30 days, we download the SD card from the back of their machine, and we print out a report. We go over that report with them and we compare the report to pre-therapy, post-therapy. A lot of patients, when I'm doing set-ups on patients, I will ask them, "So why'd you do a sleep study." If they didn't do it with us, I'll ask them why did you do a sleep study. And they're like, "Oh I wake up every morning and I have these real severe migraines and my physician thought that maybe it's related to obstructive sleep apnea. And so, once I set them up, when they come back for their follow-up appointment, I'll say you know when I first met you, you were having severe migraines, that's why you did a sleep test, and that's why you went on therapy, do you experience that anymore. And they'll say no, not at all. I said once I went on therapy, my migraines went away. And I'm like great, we're making a lot of progress here, you know. So it depends on why the patient did the diagnostic study and depends on why the patient went on the therapy. Some patients will go on therapy because they have excessive day time sleepiness. Some patients go on for their severe migraines. Some patients go on therapy or are tested or go on therapy because their bed partner complained that they snore like a train. And you know, that they're keeping them up. You know their snoring has gone away, the day time fatigue has gone away, headaches have gone away. So it depends on why the patient went on therapy is where I'll always start off the appointment when they come back for their follow-up to see if those, what they were experiencing before therapy, has gone away. And then I'll always compare their download for the machine. Say look, when you were diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, you were at 60 events per hour, your AHI was 60. Now on therapy, your AHI is 2; well less than 5 is considered normal. You're doing great!


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