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SleepQuest works with all the commercial PPO insurances throughout California and throughout the United States. We also have contracts with a number of the HMOs. Through these contracts, SleepQuest is able to provide all of their services, from testing to treatment.

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The insurance companies that Sleep Quest works with are all the commercial PPO insurances throughout California. We also have contracts with many of HMOs. We provide, through those insurances, we are contracted to provide home sleep testing, as well as the durable medical equipment that patients need. We're able to do from beginning to end with our contracts, both the testing and treatment for patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. How we help our patients through the insurance process would be to first get a prescription from their medical doctor, which will help have it be covered through their medical insurance. The process then goes on to our eligibility and benefits department, where they will check the patients' coverage for any co-share or deductibles remaining on their plan for the year. At that point, we then give them an estimate of their costs before their appointment, so that it eliminates any surprise in medical bills that they're going to need to pay.


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