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If your diagnostic sleep study indicates you have sleep apnea, a diagnostic titration may be recommended. Our specialists at SleepQuest will work with you to determine the best CPAP mask interface to use for your study. This is an outstanding way to ensure that you have the correct mask and device for long-term use.

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So the diagnostic titration is the next step after the diagnostic sleep study. And basically what it is, is we move on from the diagnostic sleep study to seeing how your body reacts to positive pressure. But it's a one night test instead of a lifetime of using CPAP. We're going to see how your body responds to these new machines. We spend about 45 minutes picking the right mask, and we use a mask algorithm to determine which mask will be best for the patient for this diagnostic titration. By getting the mask correct and finding out whether or not this device, through the diagnostic, is actually taking care of your breathing disorder, then we can determine what to recommend for the next step. We ask a number of questions: are you claustrophobic, do you have a deviated septum, are you a mouth breather? These sorts of questions are not routinely asked by the companies that supply this equipment, but we have found that we can determine with a high degree of accuracy which mask will work best for the patient. The diagnostic titration test is beneficial to the patient because it's the best way to determine the right device that the patient needs to be on long- term and the right interface, or mask, the patient needs to be using long- term.


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