You’re a brown bat!

HIGH RISK: Sure you sleep lots of hours, but do you get sleepy when driving -- and during the afternoon? Do you snore? These are symptoms of sleep apnea, as you may be waking up multiple times during the night (without even realizing it) because you’ve stopped breathing.

This is serious, as sleep apnea can cause multiple medical problems. Get tested for sleep apnea so you can treatment if you need it.


In all seriousness, if daytime sleepiness is a concern, go to to see how we can help!

We’re having a bit of fun with the animal-types, but the health risks associated with poor sleep can be serious. If you have indicated Moderate or High risk, an appropriate next step would be to speak to your physician about sleep apnea. Having a prescription form in hand can be valuable to guide your conversation – if you’d like to download a free version, please click here.