Sleep apnea is a disease that causes a person to stop breathing from ten seconds to as long as a minute while sleeping. This is due to the airway being partially or completely blocked while sleeping. This can happen hundreds of times a night for some people.

So what do morning headaches have to do with sleep apnea? Headaches are actually one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. Due to the obstruction of the airway, the amount of oxygen in your blood going to your brain is seriously reduced. The lack of oxygen to the brain is what causes that nasty headache in the morning. Some other common symptoms are also daytime sleepiness and irritability.

What to do next? The best next step would be to complete an initial sleep screening to find out how likely you are to have sleep apnea. Click here to complete a screening questionnaire right now at Once you complete the questionnaire you will immediately receive the results of the screening to bring to your primary care physician. To have the sleep study done from the comfort of your own home make sure to tell your doctor your preference to receive an in home sleep study.