PAP Orientation

Figuring Out the Proper PAP Orientation

PAP Orientation

Our Sleep Care Specialists work closely with each patient to help them select a customized PAP Bundle. Our proprietary mask algorithm is used to help us determine the most appropriate mask interface for each patient. All patients will receive a device with a modem, which will allow SleepQuest to track usage of the device and compliance. The pressure setting of the selected device will be calibrated by a Sleep Care Specialist based on the prescription. The device is either set up at one of our Patient Service Centers or shipped via UPS to the patient and a phone appointment is set up to coincide with the patient receiving the PAP Bundle.  Also, a booklet is sent that will be a great reference tool should you have questions in the future.

Once the device is received by the patient, our Sleep Care Specialists will call the patient and review all of the items included in the package.  If instead the patient is set up at one of our Patient Service Centers then individual instruction is provided by one of our Sleep Care Specialists.  Either way you can be assured that you will become compliant with therapy.

The Coach will instruct the patient with the following:

  • Explain physician's prescription for equipment use
  • Explain, assemble and set up equipment including the purpose and function of PAP equipment /supplies
  • Demonstrate equipment including the use of the mask and give verbal instruction to patient and/or caregiver
  • Perform safety and operation checks, and review printed material including safety precautions
  • Demonstrate how to detect and eliminate mask leaks
  • Discuss possible discomforts (skin irritation, nasal dryness, eye irritation) and suggestions to alleviate issues
  • Demonstrate/discuss filter cleaning and replacement, as well as supply replacement time frame
  • Explain patient's responsibility for routine maintenance, cleaning, & infection control (mask/tubing washing)
  • Explain how to contact SleepQuest and provide SleepQuest's 24 hour phone line
  • Assess risk of patient harm resulting from falls
  • Explain "follow-up" appointments including compliance monitoring and Ongoing Care Program by SleepQuest
  • Explain the need to contact SleepQuest if any change in patient status or equipment malfunction
  • Review rental versus purchase of PAP device

SleepQuest will follow up with the patient within 48 hours of initial device set up. After using the device for one month, patients will be contacted by their Sleep Care Specialist, who will interview the patient and complete a compliance questionnaire. A patient’s device usage and compliance will be automatically transmitted to SleepQuest via the modem provided with their device. This will allow their Sleep Care Specialist to create an adherence report that can be printed for the patient's record as well as for the referring physician or insurance company. Each patient will automatically be enrolled in our Ongoing Care program and will be contacted every three months.

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"From my very first visit at SleepQuest, they offered friendly, prompt and professional service."Julie P.
"I traveled from Gilroy to Redwood City because of your knowledgeable staff."Geoff D.
"Before, I met with a Sleep Care Specialist, I had felt so awful for so long. Now, I feel like a new person with renewed energy and hope. I can’t thank SleepQuest enough for all their help."Christie V.
"I choose SleepQuest because their Sleep Care Specialists are always friendly, patience, and helpful."Jin T.

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This guide to understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) was written by SleepQuest’s Chief Scientific Officer; William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D.


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