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If you think you might have sleep apnea, SleepQuest offers a free online assessment. After completing the assessment, a specialist will reach out to review the results and discuss your testing and treatment options. You will receive a copy of your results to be shared with your primary care physician.

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Sleep disorders take a significant toll on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This disorder causes tiredness, snoring, headaches, and a variety of other symptoms that can affect patients' quality of life. The professionals at SleepQuest are ready to help patients with sleep disorders in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country find relief. We enable patients to be diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea in the comfort of their own homes, while providing expert, personalized guidance along the way. If you suffer from sleep issues, call SleepQuest today.

Our Team

Founder and President Robert Koenigsberg

Our founder and CEO, Robert Koenigsberg, suffers from sleep apnea and understands the physical and emotional hardship this disease can cause. When he founded SleepQuest twenty years ago, the medical field lacked universal standards of care for sleep disorders, so sleep laboratories and treatment through home care were often disjointed and uncomfortable. This disjointed process is still the predominant method that is done today. Mr. Koenigsberg wanted to create a more effective, individualized method of sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment that would put patient’s health and comfort first. Twenty years later, we are proud that we have not only met but exceeded his vision.

"SleepQuest provides a cost effective sleep care pathway that improves access and outcomes for the millions of sufferers of OSA." - William C. Dement, Chief Scientific Advisor at SleepQuest

Dr. William C. Dement

Much of our success is due to our partnership with Dr. William C. Dement, often dubbed the “Father of Modern Sleep Science.” Dr. Dement has served as SleepQuest’s Chief Scientific Advisor for more than a decade. A professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Dement founded the world’s first sleep laboratory at that school in 1970. With more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Dement’s knowledge, skill, and dedication have played a huge role in making SleepQuest the premier sleep care provider in the United States.

Our Services

SleepQuest is unique among home-care providers and provides sleep care as an integrated approach to both diagnosis and treatment. While some companies simply mail equipment to their patients, taking a hands-off approach to diagnosis, our clinicians appreciate that most patients need personalized care and direction during and after diagnosis. In addition to tests and treatment devices, we provide diagnostics and one-on-one attention to our new patients. Each patient receives a complimentary consultation with a clinician after completing the sleep apnea assessment from our web site, and if indicated they will proceed with an at-home test or test at one of our trusted sleep partner locations.

Following diagnosis, each patient works with a personal sleep coach, who answers questions, provides support, and determines a treatment plan that works within any of patients' unique restrictions. We focus largely on Auto PAP treatment, and we offer 40 different styles of masks from leading manufacturers. Each Auto PAP machine comes with detailed instructions and videos, and patients will have regular follow-ups with their sleep coaches. Thanks to this highly personalized treatment, patients have a continuum of care that provides greater satisfaction, comfort, and effectiveness

Contact SleepQuest

At SleepQuest, we understand the enormous toll that sleep apnea can take on your life, and we are dedicated to making effective, lasting, and affordable sleep care available to more patients across the country. Whether you are a sleep apnea sufferer, a physician, or an insurance provider, call us today to learn more about sleep apnea and our innovative services.

About SleepQuest

"From my very first visit at SleepQuest, they offered friendly, prompt and professional service."Julie P.
"I traveled from Gilroy to Redwood City because of your knowledgeable staff."Geoff D.
"Before, I met with a Sleep Care Specialist, I had felt so awful for so long. Now, I feel like a new person with renewed energy and hope. I can’t thank SleepQuest enough for all their help."Christie V.
"I choose SleepQuest because their Sleep Care Specialists are always friendly, patience, and helpful."Jin T.

Expert Guide to Sleep Apnea 

This guide to understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) was written by SleepQuest’s Chief Scientific Officer; William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D.


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