SleepQuest is excited to share a brand new resource with all of our patients. MyApnea.Org is a completely free online community that was created to fight sleep apnea. This network allows patients with sleep apnea to connect with each other and gives them an opportunity to share their experiences and offer support to newly diagnosed members.

MyApnea.Org is what’s called patient-powered research. Together, members share health information, discuss experiences regarding treatment, and express views directly to researchers and sleep experts on future research projects that can make a difference. In return, you will get easy-to-use tools to track your health and will be able to learn from others about treatments, symptoms, and coping with sleep apnea to take control of your life. And MyApnea.Org will report back on all interesting research findings, in language you don’t have to be a scientist to understand.

To join MyApnea.Org and start interacting with the sleep apnea community click here.

SleepQuest hopes that all of our patients will embrace this fantastic opportunity to share their experiences in an effort to help researchers learn more about sleep apnea, and help others who are still struggling to achieve restful sleep.