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If you think you might have sleep apnea, SleepQuest offers a free online assessment. After completing the assessment, a specialist will reach out to review the results and discuss your testing and treatment options. You will receive a copy of your results to be shared with your primary care physician.

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Cody: Patient can sign up for a free clinical assessment for obstructive sleep apnea by going to SleepQuest.com, and clicking on the link for free assessment. After the patient completes the free online assessment, it'll be redirected to a sleep care specialist and they will reach out to the patient, either by telephone or email, and go over the assessment with them. Robert: The other thing is go to your doctor, and bring them the results of our sleep assessment, and have them write you a prescription. The sleep test, the home sleep test itself, is not an invasive procedure; it's very easy to do, and your insurance company will pay for it.


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