The Problem

You use a nasal cushion mask, but when you wake up in the morning the bridge of your nose is red.

The Solution

When was the last time you cleaned the cushion or replaced it? We recommend that you change your cushion every two to three weeks and clean it daily. At night you might be sweating, which can cause the oils of your skin to gather on the cushion; so if you’re not cleaning the cushion on a daily basis or changing it every two to three weeks it will cause redness on the bridge of your nose.

What if you’ve only had the mask a couple of nights and have been cleaning it regularly? Your headgear might be too tight, which can cause pressure on the bridge of the nose resulting in redness. Try releasing the head-straps to relieve the pressure on your nose. There are also small gel pads that you can purchase and place on the bridge of your nose that may reduce skin breakdown, facial sores, reduce mask leak, and improve overall mask comfort.

If you have tried all of the above and are still experiencing redness on the nose, you might benefit from trying a Nasal Pillow mask. It’s a noninvasive mask that has two small nasal cushions that rest inside your nostrils and blow the positive pressure through the nose.

We hope you found this information helpful. Check back next month for a new PAP therapy tip.