H5i™ ClimateLine MAX™ Tubing

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H5i™ ClimateLine MAX™ Tubing



ClimateLine Heating Tube for S9 Series CPAP Humidifiers

The ClimateLine MAX Tubing for S9 and H5i Climate Control System is a tube for ResMed S9 heated humidifiers. The new tube supports high bilevel pressures and offers a wider tube capacity at 19mm. This delivers consistent humidity into the mask, which will be comfortable for you and will help to reduce symptoms associated with CPAP therapy.

Temperature Sensor

The ClimateLine has a temperature sensor that keeps humidity levels constant throughout the system. Temperatures are also constantly monitored to prevent condensation from forming.

No More Rainout?

Tired of rainout, nasal congestion, or dry mouth in the morning? Don’t deal with these symptoms any longer with the ClimateLine: by keeping temperature and humidity constant throughout the night, the tube fights against these common sleep apnea therapy symptoms.

  • For S9™ Series with H5i™ Humidifier
  • 19 mm Diameter
  • 6’3″ Length

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Weight 0.454 lbs



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