With more than a decade of clinical practice and research, SleepQuest, Inc. has announced the introduction of a comprehensive new website dedicated to the millions of people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

MySleepQuest.com brings all aspects of Sleep Apnea together in one website by offering important information about this life-long chronic condition. News, videos, educational content, therapy selection and an opportunity to discuss Sleep Apnea with a Sleep Care Specialist are all found on the site.

Most importantly, visitors across the country will be able to find out if they are at risk for Sleep Apnea by submitting an online questionnaire that will be reviewed by Sleep Specialists and Sleep Physicians.

Sleep Apnea is a form of disrupted breathing that often results in snoring and gasping for air while sleeping. As the body fights for air, the sufferer is forced to awake again and again throughout the night. These repetitive episodes result in constant tiredness and a broad spectrum of serious medical conditions.

“Sleep Apnea affects the body at every level”, says Robert Koenigsberg, President and CEO of SleepQuest, Inc. “The person is under constant stress all night and never gets the critical rest necessary for a healthy life. This stress can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions, such as a harmful accident, a heart attack, a stroke, or cardiac arrest.”

A number of effective therapies for Sleep Apnea have been identified, including Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, Oral Appliances, and other techniques. One key feature of the website is to support the vast majority of patients who begin therapy with a CPAP device. MySleepQuest.com has been designed to help both first-time and long-term CPAP users select the most appropriate medical equipment and supplies from the comfort of their home.

The website is supported by Dr. William Dement, often referred to as the “Father of Sleep Medicine”. Dr. Dement is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and the Division Chief of the Stanford University Division of Sleep.

The doctor is on a decades-long crusade to help people identify the symptoms of Sleep Apnea and remove the apprehensions they may have with the diagnostic or therapy process. After helping to establish the first sleep testing center and the field of sleep medicine, Dr. Dement has been supporting the use of at-home diagnostic and therapy services. For more than a decade, Dr. Dement has been the Chief Scientific Advisor for SleepQuest, Inc. and was instrumental in the development of MySleepQuest.com.

Dr. Dement’s has made exhaustive efforts to educate the public about the importance of a good night’s sleep and how each of us can increase our awareness of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders to help ourselves live a more productive and happier life. “We share a similar vision for better, less expensive and more convenient diagnostic and therapy access for the millions of undiagnosed patients with Sleep Apnea”, said Koenigsberg.

About SleepQuest

SleepQuest, Inc. is a national provider of comprehensive Sleep Apnea services, with Board Certified sleep medicine physicians reviewing diagnosis, therapy and ongoing clinical support. Through MySleepQuest.com, the company permits consumers and existing patients across the country to benefit from SleepQuest’s experience in providing customized care. SleepQuest has delivered successful outcomes to thousands of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Accredited by the Joint Commission, their comprehensive and clinically-validated “Continuum of Care” approach includes screening, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing patient management to achieve high compliance rates and successful medical and quality-of-life outcomes. For additional information, visit SleepQuest at http://www.SleepQuest.com


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