According to the poll, pain joins stress and poor health as key factors in shorter sleep times and quality. In one week, people who suffer from chronic pain have an average of 42 minutes of sleep debt and 14 minutes for those with acute pain. A person who is pain free has no overall sleep debt, however one in three of these individuals do not always get a good night’s sleep.

21 percent of Americans are suffering from chronic pain, while 36 percent experienced acute pain in the last week. Of this group, only 37 percent of those with chronic pain and 45 percent with acute pain reported good sleep quality. In contrast, 65 percent of people with no pain reported good sleep quality.

So what does this all mean? Many people who are suffering from pain feel a lack of control over their sleep. A simple way to overcome this problem is motivation to get more sleep. Start by making an effort to get to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. Those who were motivated to get more sleep got an average of 36 more minutes per night.

Besides making a conscious effort to get more sleep, there are other factors that might be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. These can include noise, light, temperature, and mattresses. Having a healthy bedroom environment could be the critical difference between you and a good night’s rest.

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