We’ve all had those nights where we fall into a deep and content sleep after a particularly strenuous workout. The National Sleep Foundation even lists exercise a key component to good sleep hygiene, so it’s no surprise that a good workout can help you sleep.

The study conducted by the University of Georgia followed a group of patients, who were given an examination and completed a treadmill test on their first visit. It was also noted that there were no complaints about sleeping during this initial visit. Over a period of time these patients were reassessed and many were not able to maintain their endurance level from the first visit. These patients were also asked a series of questions, including whether they had trouble sleeping. The study showed that sleep complaints increased by 1.7% in men and 1.3% in women.

While some may argue that it’s bad to workout close to bedtime, most agree that just getting some exercise is better than nothing. In 2013 the National Sleep Foundation conducted a “Sleep in America” poll, which took a look at the sleep habits of 1,000 people. They found that 83% of people who worked out at any point in the day enjoyed a better night of sleep, then those who didn’t exercise at all.

While committing to a regular workout can be difficult, maybe the promise of a better night’s sleep will be the motivation you need to get it done.

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