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Media Information

SleepQuest is an integrated provider of Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment.  Gone is the fragmented inconvenience of the costly sleep lab/DME paradigm, as we offer validated and cost-effective home-based care from a single provider.

Dr. Dement and Mr. Koenigsberg share the belief that ultimately Sleep Apnea should be managed by the primary care physician, similar to how doctors now manage patients with diabetes and asthma.

Industry comparisons

Sleep Studies SleepQuest Sleep Labs
  • Taken at home
  • Self-administered
  • Nightly routine unaffected
  • Sleep overnight in a lab
  • Monitored by a technician
  • Drive to and from lab
Turnaround Time¹
  • Averages 10 days
  • 6-8 Weeks
Cost Effectiveness
  • $450-650
  • lower co-payment
  • $1,800-$2,200
  • higher co-payment
PAP Treatment: SleepQuest Other DME Providers
Compliance Rate 91% Compliance National Average <50%

The SleepQuest Distinction

Since SleepQuest also provides the therapeutic equipment used in sleep care, we are a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company, but that is where any similarity to other DME companies ends. Conventional home care companies are responsible for a full range of equipment and services from wheelchairs and specialty beds to kidney dialysis and respiratory equipment. Thus, the quality of care required to service sleep disorder sufferers is often less than satisfactory due to impersonal and ineffective education classes and a limited number of options for treatment and supplies. Additionally, fragmented care (i.e. going one place to be diagnosed and another for treatment) within our healthcare system can be frustrating for patients and their doctors.

On the other hand, SleepQuest is focused only on sleep care, and that allows us the time and resources to ensure successful patient adherence to all aspects of our integrated diagnosis and treatment program through individualized, case-specific support. Our singular focus allows us to stay current with ground-breaking testing and treatment devices, supplies, and analytical software from around the world to ensure that our patients and their physicians have the maximum amount of options when discussing how to manage their conditions with the most up-to-date and effective methods.

We are very proud of our results: 91% of our patients use PAP successfully over the long term, while the national average among patients of homecare companies is less than 50%. From our experience, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that when well-educated, informed patients comply with treatment and proactively manage their condition, the incidence of secondary complications is dramatically reduced or eliminated. This results in a higher quality of life and less visits to the physician over time which will significantly lower healthcare costs.

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1 time is defined as the time necessary for a study to be requested, scheduled, performed, interpreted and faxed to referring physician for review.

About SleepQuest

"From my very first visit at SleepQuest, they offered friendly, prompt and professional service."Julie P.
"I traveled from Gilroy to Redwood City because of your knowledgeable staff."Geoff D.
"Before, I met with a Sleep Care Specialist, I had felt so awful for so long. Now, I feel like a new person with renewed energy and hope. I can’t thank SleepQuest enough for all their help."Christie V.
"I choose SleepQuest because their Sleep Care Specialists are always friendly, patience, and helpful."Jin T.

Expert Guide to Sleep Apnea 

This guide to understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) was written by SleepQuest’s Chief Scientific Officer; William C. Dement, M.D., Ph.D.


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