unveiled their new ecommerce website earlier this month, aimed at providing Obstructive Sleep Apnea sufferers with the newest and most effective treatment devices and accessories on the market. Easy ordering and competitive pricing are the philosophies behind their new site.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is one of the most common sleep disorders, afflicting approximately 30% of all Americans, and is defined as a cessation of breathing lasting longer than 10 seconds. The most commonly prescribed treatment for OSA is Positive Airway Pressure (PAP). PAP devices deliver air pressure though a small mask that is worn while sleeping. The pressure creates an “air splint” which keeps the airway open, thereby eliminating OSA events.

Many OSA sufferers lack adequate health insurance coverage, and many insurance policies do not cover the cost of purchasing a second device. Web based, sleep-related web sites offer a cost effective solution for customers looking to control their health care expenses. was created to serve these cyber customers. “Our goal was to build a website that would be easy to navigate, and offered the latest treatment equipment and accessories at discounted prices” says Robert Koenigsberg, president of However, customer service is what they feel distinguishes them from their online competitors. “We encourage our customers to call our toll free number to discuss their individual needs” says Lori Schulman, Ecommerce Manager. She adds “We like to personalize their treatment”. also offers items that focus on providing patients with comfort. Schulman states, “Comfort is the key to helping patients become adherent to their therapy. If they aren’t comfortable, they will not continue using their equipment.” For this reason, provides expert advice on proper mask selection. They also offer a variety of pillows, nasal moisturizer creams, fleece hose covers and various other “comfort” items. encourages OSA sufferers and anyone with questions about OSA to visit their website: offers OSA sufferers Auto-Adjusting, Bi-Level & Continuous PAP devices as well as a large variety of mask interfaces, humidifiers, alternative power options, comfort items and replacement parts. Formed in 2006, is a partner of SleepQuest, Inc.; an innovative leader in portable diagnostic sleep testing and treatment of sleep related breathing disorders since 1996.